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Women in Sport

25th Feb 2019

Serena Williams at the centre of Nike’s advert on women in sport

Serena Williams is the star of Nike's latest advert, which sings the praises of women in sport, who have overcome huge barriers on the road to stardom

Reuben Pinder

Nike know how to make an advert don’t they?

Whether it’s getting two international football teams to kick a ball around an airport, or making an empowering compilation of sporting heroes who have overcome huge barriers in their career, Nike know how to make an advert.

In recent years the sportswear brand has turned towards tackling social issues in their commercial output, most notably with their Colin Kaepernick campaign, after the NFL quarter-back was left without a team after he pioneered the ‘take a knee’ movement.

In their latest campaign, Serena Williams takes a starring role, voicing an ad that highlights the obstacles that women have faced in sport.

“If we show emotion, we’re called dramatic,” Williams says over images athletes breaking down in tears.

“If we want to play against men, we’re nuts.

“And if we dream of equal opportunity: delusional.”

The ad features sporting legends such as Megan Rapinoe, the captain of the USA Women’s National Team; Caster Semenya, South African middle-distance runner and 2016 Olympic gold medalist; and Becky Hammon, the first female coach in the NBA.

It goes on to highlight that while minor indiscretions lead to female athletes being called crazy now, once, a woman running a marathon was considered crazy.

The ad concludes with a potent statement: It’s only crazy until you do it. Just do it.