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SportsJOE is a leading Irish media brand, home of The GAA Hour, House of Rugby, and, of course,

Bringing 1.9 million people to the website every month, SportsJOE is also attracting millions of video views and thousands of listens on The GAA Hour and House of Rugby every seven days.

Through original content, feature pieces, breaking news stories and an exceptional team of multimedia journalists, SportsJOE is the place the party starts and where the party will always keep going.

The SportsJOE Team

Patrick McCarry

Patrick is one half of the rugby set on SportsJOE. He’ll flirt with soccer, GAA and golf, but really, he keeps coming back to rugby. He has published the best-selling New Breed book and penned Stephen Ferris’ autobiography, Man and Ball. He’s also the producer of House of Rugby.

Niall McIntyre

Niall is a son of Lorrha, the most northerly parish in county Tipperary. At 17, he fled the nest to study Irish and Journalism in DCU for three years. He came out of there a fluent Gaeilgeoir and with a chip on his shoulder that he hadn’t yet played for Tipperary. The call-up still hasn’t come and with all that spare time on his hands, he writes about hurling and horse racing.

Colm Parkinson

The former Laois GAA and Ireland International Rules player has paved a distinguished career for himself in media and has been central to SportsJOE’s output since early 2016. The producer and presenter of The GAA Hour has also fronted SportsJOE Live and GAA Jackass.