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22nd Jun 2024

Katie McCabe responds to ‘inaccurate rumours’ in emotional video

Zoe Hodges

Republic of Ireland captain, Katie McCabe has taken to social media to defend herself against ‘inaccurate rumours and gossip’ after a video of her began circulating online.

The defender has been subject to online abuse and speculation after a video of her talking to another woman, reportedly one of her friends, in a nightclub in Ibiza was shared on social media by trolls.

In an emotional video shared on Snapchat, McCabe said: “I’ve had a mad busy day so I’m just kind of sitting down and… I don’t usually really do this type of stuff or respond to these types of things because it’s literally people spreading rubbish on social media and I can’t really control what people make up.

“But, can I just ask to those of you who have taken hours and hours out of your life to try and cause an issue, like, have you ever tried to talk to a friend next to a DJ booth? It’s honestly been awful to see the rumours that have been spread. So, like, rather than spread the inaccurate rumours and gossip, why don’t you think about how it would feel if you were sent those abusive messages for something that you didn’t actually do.”

The Arsenal star is rumoured to be in a relationship with club teammate Caitlin Foord though neither player has confirmed this.

The pair went on holiday together to Rome earlier this year.

McCabe continued: “It’s not been nice, it’s not nice to hear or read. But, I guess the social media platforms are probably dealing with these accounts now that shared.

“So, I’m cool, but I just wanted to clear that up. You wouldn’t be doing that in front of thousands of people on stage. Let people have a rare night off with their mates.”

She went on to thank the fans who had jumped to her defence saying: “I see you and I appreciate the support.”


Katie McCabe