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01st Sep 2023

Katie McCabe shows solidarity Jenni Hermoso with powerful statement

Lee Costello

Katie McCabe

“It’s time. It’s over.”

Katie McCabe has shown solidarity with Jenni Hermoso and the Spanish national team by sharing a powerful statement on social media.

Hermoso was a key part of the successful Spain team that beat England to win the World Cup, and create history in the process, but the victory has been tainted by Spanish FA President Luis Rubiales’ kiss on the player during the medal ceremony.

Rubiales claimed that he asked permission for the kiss, but Hemoso has made it clear that he did not, and that she “did not like” what had happened.

Despite protests, the President refused to resign, sparking further outrage from the footballing world, and now the Republic of Ireland captain has made her support public.

Today, FIFPRO, the organisation that represents professional footballers, issued a statement pledging its support to Hermoso and the entire Spanish National team, which McCabe posted on social media.

“Contigo Jenni. Your struggle is my struggle. Her struggle is our struggle. And we have had enough.

“We, the players, are stronger, more united and more determined than ever. We demand change. We demand better.

“The systems are failing us. Governance is failing us. Accountability is failing. Discrimination runs deep and occurs at every level. Football must respond and rise to this critical moment, not only in Spain but around the World.

“Football, without us, is nothing. And we are watching together.

“It’s time. It’s over.”

The situation which has caused a storm in the media, took an even stranger turn when Rubiales’ mother declared that she was going on a hunger strike in honour of her son, and needed to be taken to hospital two days later.

Other big names in the sport joined McCabe in showing their support, including Beth Mead and Ellen White.

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