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13th May 2019

PlayXPlay episode 3: Stephanie Roche joins Jenny Murphy and Niamh McEvoy


Lots of news, lots of opinions, lots of highlights on episode 3 of PlayXPlay.

Host Jenny Murphy and co-host Niamh McEvoy are joined this week by one of Ireland’s best-known football players in Stephanie Roche.

On the menu:

  • Life in Italy
  • Professionalism versus amateurism
  • Playing with the boys’ teams
  • What a good coach does
  • Alysia Montano

In a powerful piece with the New York Times, Montano lifted the lid and accused Nike of trying to pause her contract whilst she was pregnant.

The panel have strong thoughts on the matter, they have recoiling reflexes watching UFC 237 and they have memories of playing against each other. Listen to the full show below.