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31st Dec 2021

Three high performance tips that can make a big difference in 2022

Patrick McCarry

high performance

“If things are going well, don’t sit there getting high on your own supply.”

Jake Humphrey has been talking to some of the leading figures in sports, entertainment and business about high performance, for the past two years. He has distilled some of their best advice for all of you sound souls.

Back in 2009, Humphrey landed the gig of fronting the BBC’s Formula One coverage. Teaming up with Eddie Jordan and David Coulthard, he had an opportunity to interact with leading drivers, team owners, principals and successful business- and sportspeople, as well as musicians and actors, that followed the sport.

“I’d ask these people, ‘What do you think is the secret to your success?’ They always seemed to come up with similar answers.” Humphrey discovered:

  • “I just did it” – action leads to motivation. Motivation will not suddenly appear one day when you wake up. You need to make the start.
  • Be relentless –  Be all-in, and be dedicated to the thing you want to do.
  • Consistency – Repeating the same things over and over again. Don’t swerve from your course.

Three high performance tips

Jake Humphrey and Professor Damian Hughes are heading into their third year of the High Performance podcast, and have talked to the likes of Eddie Jones, Frank Lampard, Jonny Wilkinson, Chris Hoy, Dan Carter and Steven Gerrard for the show.

They have also had shows with some leading entrepreneurs and businesspeople, so Humphrey is a font of handy knowledge when we ask for three top tips he has applied to his weekly life.

  1. Susie Ma [Tropic Skincare CEO] told us about infinite purpose. It’s having a purpose in your life that doesn’t have a full-stop or ending. Sometimes having a goal to achieve mean you never get there, and get frustrated, or you do get there and wonder where you go after that. So, have an infinite purpose in mind and build towards that each day. Try and live of process, rather than outcome. Make sure your process, every day, takes you another step closer.
  2. Don’t think that getting closer to high performance means doing something huge or unobtainable. Ian McGeechan [former Lions head coach] said to us that he exists in a world of world-class basics. It’s manners, it’s being on time, presenting yourself properly, respecting other people, listening to people and taking on board their opinions. They’re basic things, but doing them to a world-class level. Do that every day and you will get closer to high performance.
  3. Everything changes. There is a great, stoic quote – No man steps in the same river twice, because the river has changed, and so has the man. You have to remember that nothing is permanent. We’re evolving and changing all the time. It means, when you’re in a good place, there may still be trouble ahead so make sure you are ready for it. And, if things are going well, don’t sit there getting high on your own supply. Accept that things are good now, but know that it might not always be the case.

There you have it.

2022 is yours for the taking.

High Performance: Lessons From The Best On Becoming Your Best (by Jake Humphrey & Prof. Damian Hughes), published by Random House, is available to buy in hardback, as well as an eBook or audio book.

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