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15th Feb 2015

Video: 14-car crash thins out field in Nascar race

When there's action, there's action

Gareth Makim

Them southern boys sure know a good pile-up

There are many who don’t much time for the repetitive oval racing of Nascar, but one thing is for certain, when cars are racing in such close proximity and at such high speeds, you’re bound to get some almighty snarl-ups.

The season began last night with the Sprint Unlimited race at Daytona Speedway, which is renowned for ‘The Big One’, a crash which takes out a large chunk of competitors in one fell swoop.

Last night’s race was no exception, with this incident involving 14 cars, sparked when Jamie McMurray lost control of his car near the head of the field and caused carnage as he spun back across the track. The in-car shots are remarkable as drivers look to avoid the debris.