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Formula One

31st May 2024

Johnny Herbert: ‘There is a big question mark starting to appear in Max’s mind’

Sophie Collins


The once-unassailable dominance of Red Bull Racing in Formula 1 seems to be under scrutiny this season

Former F1 driver Johnny Herbert recently suggested that the team’s performance issues may prompt their star driver, Max Verstappen, to consider other options.

“It is starting to unravel at Red Bull,” he told Offshore Poker Sites. “You have to say that. We have seen a big difference this season.”

Historically, Red Bull’s race pace has been their biggest strength, but this advantage appears to be being tested this season as other teams begin to chase the pace of the RB20.

“The race pace has always been their biggest strength, but it is not quite so dominant,” Herbert added.

As the 2024 season progresses, it is evident that rival teams have made significant strides in developing their cars, while some say Red Bull is struggling to maintain its competitive edge.

This decline in performance is causing concern within the team’s headquarters in Milton Keynes, according to Herbert. “I think it is a definite sign that things are not good in Milton Keynes,” he commented.

The 59-year-old also highlighted a growing sense of unease among Red Bull’s management, primarily centered around Max Verstappen.

“There is a lot of nervousness from within the management that their biggest asset Max is not getting what he wants and whether they will be able to is open to question,” he explained.

The last three races have been particularly telling, raising doubts in Verstappen’s mind about the team’s capability to meet his expectations. “Certainly on the evidence of the last three races there is a big question mark starting to appear in Max’s mind,” Herbert stated.

As Red Bull grapples with these challenges, the broader F1 community is left to wonder whether Verstappen, one of the sport’s biggest talents, might begin to look elsewhere.

The upcoming races will be crucial in determining whether Red Bull can regain its footing or if significant changes are on the horizon for the team and its championship-winning driver.