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10th Jul 2018

Willo Flood left club-less after new rule scuppers brave move

Patrick McCarry

Ballsiest move of Willo Flood’s career spectacularly backfires.

Former Manchester City and Celtic midfielder Willo Flood is back on the hunt for a club ahead of 2018/19.

The Dubliner made headlines, last month, when he opted out of his freshly minted contract with Scottish Championship side Dunfermline after just nine days.

Flood had made the switch from Dundee United but, after announcing his intentions to join Bali United in Indonesia’s Liga 1. At the time, he commented:

“This opportunity is just too good for me and my family to turn down. I have only been in training for a week, but I have really enjoyed my short time at East End Park and genuinely wish the club every success this season.”

Packing up and setting off on the road less travelled for a bold adventure in a new country with his family. All was looking rosy but a newly introduced rule in Liga 1 has scuppered the move.

Liga 1 has brought in a new rule where clubs can only have four foreign players, and those players must have come from the top division in whatever country they previously played in. As Flood was playing Championship football with Dundee United last summer, he falls outside that criteria.

Bali United manager Widodo Cahyono Putro said:

“Willo Flood’s contract has been cancelled because of the regulations restricting foreign players in Liga 1.

“Because he played in a league in Scotland that wasn’t their top league, we have been informed he does not meet the criteria.

“The management of Bali United is currently asking for clarification on this, but it’s obviously a massive disappointment for us and the player.”

That leaves the former Ireland U21 star without a club. Transfer windows across Europe will remain open a good while yet so it may be time to get some fresh copies of the CV printed up.

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