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01st Nov 2015

VIDEO: Prepare to weep for the future of football as worst theatrics of all time result in red card


Conan Doherty

I don’t want to live in this world anymore.

Bilal Basacikoglu, you are on our list of enemies. And we’re not joking.

Feyenoord slipped up in the Eredivisie title race on Sunday when they went down 1-0 to ADO Den Haag and, with shenanigans like this, the world is a better place with those kind of results against them.

ADO’s Edouard Duplan received a straight red card with over eight minutes of normal time to play for the most cringeworthy incident on a football pitch, possibly ever.

He tries to win the ball back, Basacikoglu throws himself over in a heap, studs admittedly connect with legs as the diver has a fit on the floor beneath the tackler and the Feyenoord player continues to roll and shimmy and bounce around the grass incontrollably as if… as if nothing. We don’t know what could ever happen to make you react this way in the first place.


And Dutch referee Kevin Blom is no better.

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