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26th Jun 2024

Eamon Dunphy hits out at Roy Keane’s ‘poor’ Euro 2024 punditry

Zoe Hodges

‘His credibility can be questioned’

Eamon Dunphy has slammed Roy Keane’s ‘thin’ knowledge of football in Euros punditry display.

Writing in his column for the Irish Mirror, Dunphy said: “Fear is not a word you’d associate with Roy Keane. If anything, he is a box-office attraction with his willingness to lash into anybody.

“While that’s all well and good, the fact remains that Keane is a poor analyst. His knowledge of the game is thin.”

Former United captain, Roy Keane is well-known for his outbursts on live TV and is currently working for ITV out in Germany.

Dunphy went on to praise his fellow Irishman as a player. He said: “While that’s all well and good, the fact remains that Keane is a poor analyst. His knowledge of the game is thin.

“As a player, it wasn’t. He could read a game brilliantly, and had the temperament, the skill, and the intelligence to grasp what was required to win.”

Dunphy, who was a pundit on RTE for nearly 40 years, was critical of Keane’s approach to his ‘second job’.

“He will slag off anyone. You might think, “well, that’s great”. Except his credibility can be questioned by some of his statements.”

Dunphy highlighted several statements that the 52-year-old has made recently that he disagreed with.

He highlighted one incident where Keane called Manchester City’s Erling Haaland a League Two striker.

Dunphy said: “That singular piece of analysis was awful, misleading and deeply unfair, and makes you wonder whether old prejudices die hard.

“Keane, remember, had issues with Haaland’s father, a journeyman player with Manchester City and Leeds, who he committed a desperate foul on in 2001. So, does that old grudge colour Keane’s view on Haaland junior?”

Keane was not the only pundit who was called out in Dunphy’s rant. Wrexham winger, James McClean who has been making his punditry debut on RTE for these Euros, also felt the wrath of the Dubliner.

He admitted he changes the channel when he is on because ‘he can’t express himself’.

It comes after McClean had a pop at England star, Declan Rice, branding him as ‘overrated’.

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