The Impersonators: Après Match Legends show is coming to Dtwo next week 5 months ago

The Impersonators: Après Match Legends show is coming to Dtwo next week

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Barry Murphy and Gary Cooke of Après Match will be there, as will some of Ireland's funniest people.

Being an Irish football supporter isn't exactly easy. While you could never doubt the spirit of our boys in green, there have been plenty of dark days along the way.

Thankfully, we don't need a well-stocked trophy cabinet to be happy. Irish people have always been blessed with an ability to find the bright side in any given situation, and nowhere else is this better exemplified than with Après Match.

Since they first graced our screens over 20 years ago, it's been a constant source of joy. What began as a series of comedy sketches grew into a footballing tradition that has often been more enjoyable than the match itself.

If you'd like to see some of the people behind the show in the flesh, Dtwo Bar in Dublin is the place to be this Tuesday, 21 May. Tickets to the Après Match Legends show cost €20, and include a complimentary pint.

Here's the full lineup:

  • Barry Murphy (Après Match)
  • Gary Cooke (Après Match)
  • Al Foran (Impressionist)
  • John Colleary (Savage Eye)
  • Aidan Tierney (Up for the Match)

The Après Match Legends show will be a unique and unmissable night of impersonations and gags from Ireland's comedic heroes. Tickets are €20 and include a complimentary pint, and you can get tickets here.

Brought to you by Dtwo