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10th May 2015

Ricky Hatton calls Mayweather “a d***head” and tells bizarre plane story about the pair

Bridges have yet to be rebuilt

Darragh Murphy

Oftentimes when you see fighters embrace after a bout, you presume that their beef has been squashed and that they’re the best of buds.

Well apparently, that wasn’t the case when Floyd Mayweather and Ricky Hatton threw their arms around one another after the American stopped The Hitman in the tenth round.


It sounds like Hatton is just as big a fan of Money as he was before their 2007 meeting.

Speaking after Mayweather’s victory over Manny Pacquiao last week, Hatton told The Sun:

“Later in 2007 when our fight was scheduled, Floyd was going: ‘I’m going to beat you like a bitch, butt-f*** you.’ It was nonsense.

“Floyd has his way and I have mine, but there’s a line between selling tickets and disrespecting the sport. What’s the point of being the world’s best fighter if everyone thinks you’re a d***head?”

The Mancunian also told a story about a time that the pair were being flown across America separately to promote their much anticipated title fight, revealing that Mayweather was obsessed about the fact that Hatton’s flight would arrive at their destination first, to the point that the American wanted his pilot to overtake Hatton’s plane in midair.

LAS VEGAS - DECEMBER 08:  (R-L) Floyd Mayweather Jr. connects with in the 10th round to the body of Ricky Hatton of England during their WBC world welterweight championship fight at the MGM Grand Garden Arena on December 8, 2007 in Las Vegas, Nevada.  (Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images)

Hatton said:

“A few minutes into the the journey, we’re chatting away, having a drink when the pilot gestures to me to come forward. ‘Hey Ricky, listen to this idiot.’

“He turns on the speaker and over the radio I hear Floyd arguing with the pilot of his plane behind: ‘I’m not letting that motherf***** get there before me, f***ing overtake them!’

 “‘We can’t do that, Sir’

‘”‘Overtake that motherf***** – I’m the champ. I’ve got to get to New York first. I’ll pay whatever you want’.”

Sounds like a reasonable fellow that Floyd.