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30th Oct 2022

Eddie Hearn had a great answer when asked what if Amanda Serrano said ‘No’ to Croke Park

Patrick McCarry

Amanda Serrano

“No pressure!”

Katie Taylor’s words to Eddie Hearn after she and her promoter laid out a rock solid case for her rematch against Amanda Serrano to be at Croke Park.

The Bray boxer pieced up Karen Carabajal to retain her cache of lightweight titles and delivered an emphatic interview about bringing ‘the biggest fight in women’s boxing’ to Ireland, next summer.

Hearn did likewise but warned Serrano, who Taylor beat on points earlier in this year, that they won’t be waiting around forever.

In the post-fight press conference, at Wembley Arena, the very first question centred around what Hearn & Co. would do if the Amanda Serrano camp said ‘No’ to Croke Park.

Katie Taylor, left, and Amanda Serrano during their undisputed world lightweight championship fight at Madison Square Garden in New York. (Photo by Stephen McCarthy/Sportsfile)

‘Katie will fight anyone that is put in front of her’

Musing the possibility of an Amanda Serrano ‘No’ to fighting in Dublin, Eddie Hearn stated:

“There’s no point asking Katie, because she will fight anyone that is put in front of her.

“We feel Croke Park is filled for any fight but I still think you want to take a super fight there. It is not just about a celebration of Katie Taylor’s career, it is about the biggest fight available. That’s what she has always been about.

“After Madison Square Garden, to do two fights – one at Madison Square Garden and one at Croke Park – it would be incredible. So, Serrano is definitely the target. We won’t wait for her because like Katie said after the interview, ‘No pressure’.

“So, we have kind of dug ourselves into a hole now. I’ve said it, it is happening and it is next. Whoever it is, it will be in Ireland. I just feel that is the perfect fight.”

Amanda Serrano

Eddie Hearn on Amanda Serrano alternatives

Should Amanda Serrano somehow not sign up for a summer 2023 clash with Katie Taylor, Eddie Hearn named four fighters that could definitely step up to the plate.

“Look, you’ve got a great fight next week between Chantelle Cameron and Jessica McCaskill for undisputed [champion] at 140.

“Alycia Baumgardner might step up to 135 pounds. You’ve got Holly Holm. You’ve got some great fighters out there but, to me, [Taylor vs. Serrano] was the best fight I’ve ever watched. So, naturally, we want to see it again.”

Circled in red, Amanda Serrano is the fighter Taylor, Hearn and Brian Peters [her manager] want for her next title defence.

As for Croke Park, Hearn says he wants to be in a position by the end of this year where he knows if Croke Park is a reality ‘because there’s a lot of work to be done’.

“There’s still a huge amount of logistics that need to be put in place for a large stadium fight like that. I don’t want to drag it out until March or April saying to Katie, ‘Yeah it’s coming’ and then you got to plan another fight and then you fight someone else in May or June.

“This is our one shot, next summer at Croke Park. The one shot to make it happen.”

“Katie and Serrano have still go many fights to go,” said Hearn, “but, at the same time, let’s acknowledge that they don’t have many fights to go. This is where you make it count.”

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