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18th May 2024

Laura Woods explains reason for TV absence


Be warned – the pictures are pretty gory.

Laura Woods has explained the reason why she has been absent from her presenting duties over the past week and shared images of a painful-looking injury she sustained.

The TNT Sports presenter took to Instagram last night to update fans on her whereabouts, as questions were being raised in recent days as to why she wasn’t appearing on her usual shows.

Woods was due to travel to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia to host the eagerly-anticipated heavyweight unification fight for TNT Sports.

The 36-year-old wrote: “Just wanted to explain my absence from the telly for a little while, to be totally transparent and avoid any speculation. I had an accident last weekend at a holiday cottage. I swung a pillow and hit a large, glass lampshade hanging from the ceiling above me, which shattered and cut my face and arms, but luckily missed my eye.”

She continued: “I wanted to say a couple of thank yous, firstly to Adam, for being my hero that day, acting so quickly and not leaving my side since and to his family for taking care of me in a time when I was petrified. To my agents Alex Maguire and Matthew Odonohue at CAA who searched for the best help immediately. To Dr Yannis Alexandrides and his wonderful medical assistant Zuzanna at 111 who opened their emergency surgery and came in on their days off, they were so gentle and have already worked magic that I didn’t think was possible to reduce the damage.

“I’ve added in the photos from then to now to show that even though it may look rough, it’s such a wonderful improvement already and I’m so grateful.

“It was a hell of a shock and I’ve been a bit sad, but I’m feeling very lucky it wasn’t worse,” she added.

“So a big thanks to my eyebrow too, for taking the brunt of it. I’m gutted I can’t cover the fight in Riyadh tomorrow anymore, but wishing the brilliant TNT boxing team all the best.

“Be back soon.”

She forewarned fans ahead of revealing the extent of her injuries: “A little update…..but first please don’t swipe if you are sensitive to blood, these are photos of an injury.”

A number of stars from the world of sport reached out to Woods and offered their support in the comments section.

Chelsea legend John Terry said: “Get well soon.”

British tennis star Laura Robson said: “Hope you’re okay!”

And former Lioness Jill Scott wrote: “Laura hope you’re okay! Wishing you a speedy recovery.”

Before joining TNT Sports, Woods spent over three years as presenter of the Sports Breakfast show at talkSPORT, before leaving in June last year.

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