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14th Jan 2016

The brand new all-singing, all-dancing* SportsJOE app is here and is free to download

*May not actually sing and dance


The brand new SportsJOE app is here and is looking as good as a Conor McGregor left hook. Yes, that good.

And now with the obligatory Conor McGregor reference out of the way we can go on and tell you about the app itself.

Our crack team of developers have been working round the clock to bring you the slickest, smoothest sports app anywhere in Ireland.

Over 1.4 million of you, our wonderful readers, come to our site each month and now the easiest way to do that is via the brand new app.

sportsJOE 1_v2

So whether you’re after the latest news in football, GAA, MMA, Rugby or more, or just some funny clips or great goals to show your mates in the pub, then this app is the place for you.

You can download it NOW from Google Play or from the App Store.

Don’t forget that you play a massive part in some our biggest and best stories – if you have something you would like to share with us, send it to [email protected] or hit us up on Facebook or Twitter

Now get downloading that App.


SportsJOE app

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