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06th Feb 2017

Fuel your workout routine with these healthy, tasty alterations to your diet

Restart, Live Well


If it is good enough for Gordon Strachan, it’s good enough for you.

So, maybe your New Year’s resolutions have not been going to plan so far, but we are here to get you back on track. We are here to restart your healthy living endeavours.

Our friends at Centra are here to help you reset your lifestyle with a host of tasty, healthy meal plans and exercise plans as part of their Live Well Restart initiative.

As the evenings get a little bit longer and the weather turns slightly less ghastly, you may be thinking about ending your hibernation and engaging in some exercise – whether organised or otherwise.

Maybe you are going to get back out running, get some use out of that gym membership, join the local GAA club or cycle to work – whatever the plan, you will need to fuel your new activities.

That is where Centra come in. As part of their Restart Week Campaign they have the perfect meal plans to help you live well.

Why not start the day with a wholesome bowl of porridge, made with almond milk and topped with bananas. Porridge and bananas are credited with sustaining the career of former Aberdeen, Manchester United and Leeds United legend, Gordon Strachan.

In an era when many players refuelled in a greasy spoon café, the current Scotland manager Strachan was taking his cue from professional tennis players.

“I wanted to be a good professional, I wanted to do the right things and eat the right things and that’s when I read about tennis players eating bananas,” he once said.

“So I just took it up from there. It’s all about taking carbohydrates and getting quick bursts of energy.”

His former Leeds team-mate Gary McAllister was a convert and you can be too. A steaming bowl of porridge is a great winter warmer and provides the slow-release of energy to help get you through the working day or your workout routine.

With a wholesome breakfast like that behind you, a light lunch should suffice. How about an avocado stuffed with tuna and sweetcorn?

Crammed with monounsaturated fatty acids, avocados are a really healthy source of energy and a surefire way to stave off those 3pm slumps.

If you are planning a run or training in the evenings, a light and nutritious dinner is a must. You cannot go wrong with a coconut chicken curry. Protein, check. Delicious, check. Low in fat, check (particularly if you grill the chicken).

Why not sign up to the 21-day challenge on to get a downloadable PDF emailed out to you with meal plans and activity guides.  All participants will be entered into a competition for a personal training session with Pat Divilly and one night in the G Hotel in Galway for two.

Centra will help customers get back on track the first week of February with healthier breakfast, lunch & dinner inspirations along with healthier offers Mon-Wed like blueberries for only €1, Flahavans Microwave Porridge Oats Drum for €1 and chicken fillets 454g now half price.* There are also Live Well Challenges such as strength training and healthy meal recipes set out by Health & Wellness expert Pat Divilly.

*All 3 offers are valid from Monday 6th – Wednesday 8th February 2017.