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24th Sep 2015

Tony Martin’s shredded arse is a reminder to everyone that sandpaper does not belong on your saddle

He won't be sitting down for the week

Kevin McGillicuddy

There is just one golden rule for cyclists of any grade, any age and any ability.

Make sure your saddle is comfortable or you will be regretting it, not just tomorrow, but probably for the best part of a week.

If we amateurs know what’s what you would think the professionals, those guys who spend days on end eating up the road, would have learned the lesson.

Not Tony Martin, it seems.

The German was competing in the road cycling world championships time trial this week when the grip tape,which is pretty much like sandpaper, managed to rub its way right through his cycling suit, ripping his rear-end to shreds.

Martin normally uses the tape to try and ‘sit-back’ and hold his rear end in place in the saddle, but it looks as though Martin won’t be doing any sitting down in the near future.

And to insult to injury he only came seventh behind winner Vasil Kiryienka of Belarus.