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18th Feb 2016

Jamie Roberts got a kick out of Ronnie O’Sullivan’s underwhelming day in Cardiff

The tourist board should sign this guy up

Mikey Stafford

Ronnie likes to run, Ronnie likes cars and Ronnie likes spending time with his family.

Ronnie doesn’t always seem so fond of snooker.

That’s fine. It’s not for everyone, but when you’re undoubtedly the most talented man to ever pick up a cue it is a little curious.

Ronnie O’Sullivan sparked furious debate in the sport earlier this week when he turned down the chance to record a 147 at the Welsh Open as he decided the £10,000 reward was too low.

Snooker would appear to be a bit of an unprofitable drag for the five-time World Champion this week as he last night bemoaned the long wait ahead of his last-32 match with Jimmy Robertson.

After winning 4-0 in less than an hour O’Sullivan spelled out the less glamorous side of the game – away from the glitz, the lights, the spurning £10,000 and the 55-minute non-contests.

As well as ensuring a warm welcome from the people of Sheffield next month he got a laugh out of Wales rugby star and Newport native Jamie Roberts, who studied at Cardiff University School of Medicine.