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16th Aug 2016

Everyone in Ireland became a diving expert during Oliver Dingley’s brilliant show in the 3m final

Evan Fanning

Top, top bombing from Ireland’s Oliver Dingley.

At one point halfway through the second round the 23-year-old was in the silver medal position in the men’s 3m springboard final.

In the end Dingley had to settle for eighth position, though he gave Irish fans a thrilling ride along the way, converting many (for now at least) to his chosen sport.

Whether it was the high of Annalise Murphy’s silver medal, or the disappointment of Michael Conlan’s unjust defeat, this was a bandwagon that Irish fans needed late on a Tuesday night.

Of course, the only thing most people know about diving is that you shouldn’t make a splash as you enter the water, but soon the conversation moved beyond this into new and uncharted diving territory.

And it didn’t take much to get people board this particular wagon. As soon as RTE commentator John Kenny mentioned that Dingley was engaged in some “low-tariff dives” (which translate as less risky dives that would limit the scope of his scoring ability) we had our in.

Why the f*** didn’t he do some high-tariff dives?

That’s what Ireland’s suddenly and instantly knowledgeable and passionate diving community wanted to know.