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18th Oct 2023

Roy Keane gives his side of that Katie Taylor call after Olympics heartbreak

Lee Costello

“I spoke to Katie after she got beaten in the Olympics.”

Former Man United captain Roy Keane has given his side of that infamous Katie Taylor call that saw her Olympic dreams in Rio 2016 end in heartbreak.

Taylor had gold at the 2012 Olympics in London, the first tournament that allowed female boxers to participate, and the Irish hero wanted to replicate that feat in 2016.

However, on what was a controversial decision at the time, Taylor was knocked out without as much as a bronze medal, and was devastated afterwards.

It was at this point that the Bray native decided to turn professional, and teamed up with Eddie Hearn’s Matchroom, and went on to clean up world titles at two weight divisions.

Hearn was on as a guest on the latest episode of the Stick to Football podcast, and Keane explained to him why he got in touch with his fighter.

“I met Katie once, she came to an Irish match. I spoke to Katie after she got beaten in the Olympics, I saw an interview with her and she was really upset.

“I just said keep your head up and that was it. We kind of kept in touch with the odd text here and there. She came to an Irish match one night and I met her.

“She’s an amazing fighter and is doing Ireland proud.”

Eddie Hearn story about Katie Taylor shows a different side to the Irish boxing hero.

Hearn waas in full agreement that the Irish woman was representing her country with pride, and goes on to reveal a different side to Taylor that us in the public don’t always see.

Due to the fact that she is so humble, quiet and sometimes unassuming, it’s hard to imagine her being in any way confrontational outside of the ring, but Hearn tells a fascinating that story that really gives you an insight into her mentality.

“She scares the life out of me. She is the most terrifying person I’ve ever met. It’s because she’s so pleasant and then (switches).

“When she was on the rise and the female talent was on the rise and not getting the commercial reward in any sort of way, we fought in Boston. She turned up and basically sold the whole place out.

“She was fighting three from the end and when she walked out the place was (crazy). Afterwards, they all left.

“The next morning I was at breakfast by myself, she came over and said ‘can I talk to you for a second’. She said ‘can I ask you how much Tevin Farmer got paid last night?’

“It was about three times what she got. She said ‘do you think that’s fair’, I said no. She said ‘I think I sold all the tickets last night and everyone tuned in to watch me, so how can I be getting so much less than this guy?'”

Hearn admitted that all he could do was nod and agree, because Taylor had made a very valid point, and from that point onwards she was always paid her worth.

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