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27th Oct 2023

The SportsJOE Friday Pub Quiz: Week 48

Lee Costello


We almost feel bad for making you do this one.

The only thing scarier than Halloween is getting less than 12 on our SportsJOE Friday Pub Quiz, and that is a very likely possibility because this one is a toughie.

Then again, what’s life if it isn’t taking on new challenges head on and trying to get the very best out of yourself? Who knows, maybe you will even surprise us and completely ace this quiz.

Considering we cover so many different sports and go right back to the 1998 World Cup for no real good reason, we would be very surprised, but nonetheless, the challenge has been made.

All we can really do is wish you good luck, and if you do pull of a miracle and get a decent score, be sure to post a screenshot of it in the comments section.

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