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30th Oct 2014

Sebastian Vettel is not going to join Ferrari as soon as he might have hoped

Vettel's Ferrari debut is going to be delayed a little longer than the Formula 1 champion might have wanted

Darragh Murphy

Sebastian Vettel will not be allowed to leave Red Bull early after he hinted that his attempt to do so was turned down.

It was revealed earlier this month by his current team that the Formula 1 world champion would be leaving Red Bull to join up with Ferrari but Vettel and the Italian outfit have yet to confirm this.

Vettel has said: “There is not really a specific reason” for the delayed confirmation.

Despite the deal apparently being in place, the German will not be released from Red Bull until November 28, five days after the season’s final Grand Prix in Abu Dhabi.

This is due to the fact that the four time world champion is expected to take part in a three-day test at the Yas Marina circuit.

He said: “Obviously, we’ve experienced a lot in the last couple of years so I think it will be a very special moment coming up in Abu Dhabi for our last race.

“But yes, obviously I’m not allowed to do the test for any team after the race in Abu Dhabi, although right now it’s not really my focus.

“I think there are reasons for that and you can understand what they are.”

All very bloody vague if you ask us…