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06th Nov 2014

Formula One team who had assets seized apply for re-entry next year

Their parts are being flogged on Twitter but Caterham are set for 2015 F1

Conan Doherty

“You came all the way to Calgary without a sled?”

Okay, so it’s not quite Cool Runnings but you can imagine the conversation in the Caterham F1 offices today: “Now, we just need a car.”

The cash-strapped Formula One team, who had some of their assets seized two weeks ago, have surprised a few by entering a team for next season’s world championships when they’re fighting for their future as it is.

The British-owned team failed to compete in the US grand prix in Austin at the weekend after being granted special dispensation along with Marussia who are also in administration.

But both teams are believed to have re-entered next year’s competition, with the deadline for entries on November 1.

It might be a good idea then if Caterham stop the Bailiffs from selling their parts online…