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27th Nov 2014

F1 scrap the ‘double points last race’ scheme for 2015

The much-maligned idea is now o the scrap heap

Sean Nolan

That didn’t last long

It was never popular and in its first test last weekend it failed to add any sparkle to the finale of the season. So, just like that, the powers that be in F1 have scrapped the ‘double points, last race’ scheme after one year.

The Strategy Group and F1 Commission met in Geneva this week and they decided to dismiss the idea. The decision should be ratified by the FIA next month.

It was hoped that the unpopular idea would add some extra spice to the season closing Abu Dhabi GP but in the end it was immaterial, bar some very minor places in the driver’s standings.

The other issue that came up at the meeting was the use of standing Safety Car re-starts. The idea was that they would offer more excitement to the viewer but some were wary of the added dangers involved. Those concerns have been listened to and standing restarts won’t be used in 2015.