Tyron Woodley responds to Dana White laying into him over Nate Diaz return comments 4 years ago

Tyron Woodley responds to Dana White laying into him over Nate Diaz return comments

Tyron Woodley vs Nate Diaz for the UFC welterweight belt would be a garbage fight.

We wouldn't begrudge Tyron Woodley for finally getting a money fight. Nor would we hold it against Nate Diaz for accepting a title shot. However, we don't want to see this fight happen right now.


If you're an MMA fan, you'll likely harbour similar sentiments. Despite Dana White's attempts to paint the Stockton native as a Brock Lesnar-esque behemoth, Diaz would be almost comically outsized in that contest. Diaz has just four fights against natural 170 lbers under his belt. He decisively lost to Rory MacDonald and 'Stun Gun' and the two guys he's beaten left the organisation long ago.

It would likely draw a lot of eyes because of the appeal of a Diaz return. However, that doesn't mean he should be able to jump a queue of 20-30 people ahead of him in the welterweight rankings. Nor does it mean the fight would be in any way good.


Diaz has said that Woodley is his 'best option' for his planned return to the Octagon. If Woodley was to bet his house on who his next opponent will be, he'd put it on Diaz. However, Dana White told UFC Tonight that 'the Chosen One' is full of shit.

"He's full of shit. That fight was never made. He couldn't be more wrong. He couldn't be more full of shit. It's absolutely not true. It's so not true that our lawyer actually hit his manager up and said, 'He needs to stop saying these things because it's absolutely not true.'"

"I wouldn't bet a nickel on it let alone his house. It's not true. It's completely not true and we're looking at dos Anjos as the fight. That's the fair fight."

Woodley has since fired back. He asked his social media followers a simple question - who has more of a history of talking shit?



It looks like the beef between welterweight champion and president has been rekindled. It started with White proclaiming that fans would never want to pay to see him fight again following his defence over Demian Maia. The argument spiralled from there with Woodley threatening to leak 'shit that people don’t want to be out in the wind,' if he didn't receive a public apology from White.

This dispute was supposedly resolved with a yelling match. Although, the champ didn't sound 100% satisfied with how it all ended.


One thing's for sure, he's not too happy with El Presidente after his latest comments.