How Dana White and Tyron Woodley resolved their beef sounded very intense 5 years ago

How Dana White and Tyron Woodley resolved their beef sounded very intense

The first phone call between Dana White and Tyron Woodley after UFC 214 was a loud one.

Both Dana White and Tyron Woodley were royally pissed off after UFC 214 for very different reasons.


The UFC president was upset over Woodley's performance. Although he comprehensively defeated the scariest submission artist in the division and put on a takedown defence master class by stuffing every single attempt, the welterweight champion was booed out of the Octagon over the 'boring' fight.

Woodley was really ticked off because of White, who proclaimed that fans would never want to pay to see him fight again following his second title defence in the post-fight press conference.


The dispute spiralled from there with Woodley threatening to leak 'shit that people don’t want to be out in the wind,' if he didn't receive a public apology from White. Then welterweight rival Colby Covington told White not to worry because he had some dirt on 'The Chosen One' that would 'ruin his life' if it got out.

Just when it looked like this beef was heading into saga territory, it ended very abruptly. Woodley explained to ESPN that it got worse before it got better.

"There was some yelling back and forth. At the end of the conversation, I felt pretty comfortable. It ended on a positive note. Two men can talk on the phone and maybe not agree on everything, but at least respect each other."

"I still feel he should apologise publicly, but I'm not going to hold my breath. The conversation ended with respect and that was really my goal. Dana knows all about talking off emotion. I went a little (crazy) and was talking off emotion, too. Did I really plan on leaking stuff? Probably not. But at the time, I was mad and it sounded good."

That's that so.