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12th May 2017

It didn’t take long for recent scale controversy to get a mention at UFC 211 weigh-ins

Too soon?

Ben Kiely

Frankie Edgar probably wasn’t expecting to smile as much during his official UFC 211 weigh-in.

However, ‘the Answer’ just couldn’t help himself.

The former UFC lightweight champion was the first fighter on the card to tip the scales for the early weigh-ins on Friday afternoon. Being a consummate professional worked against him this time around though as being there so early meant he had to help out.

Once he stepped onto scales, a big grin washed over his face as he clearly got a much higher reading than his slight frame could even hold. Someone from the commission had to tinker with the device until it was properly calibrated and even made a gag that went down like a lead balloon.

“Bring that towel out, we’re 1.4 off… magic towel.”

If that remark has gone over your head like a Stefan Struve uppercut, then we’ll fill you in.

The ‘magic towel’ comment was in reference to the controversy surrounding the last light heavyweight title fight between Daniel Cormier and Anthony Johnson in UFC 210’s main event.

Champion DC left his weigh-in incredibly late and came in over the limit on the first attempt. Less than three minutes later, he re-emerged and tipped the scales exactly on championship weight.

Luckily for him the fight took place in New York and the NYASC allows championship fighters a second attempt at weighing in with the aid of a towel. However, the remarkable weigh loss in such a short time period was highly suspicious. DC put it down to the scales being off, while his arch nemesis, Jon Jones reckoned his use of a towel was ‘blatant foul play‘.