Absolute mayhem as UFC 210 loses main event before miracle comeback 5 years ago

Absolute mayhem as UFC 210 loses main event before miracle comeback


The MMA world was in full-on clusterf*ck mode as UFC 210's main event almost imploded before our very eyes.


All fighters competing on this Saturday's card in Buffalo, New York duly made their way to the scales during the early morning weigh-in window at the fighter hotel.

But, with five minutes to go, there was no sign of either UFC light heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier or his challenger Anthony Johnson.

It got pretty fecking intense!

We were starting our "UFC 210 main event is off!" story when who should appear?


Cormier arrived with three minutes remaining on the clock and required a towel to weigh in...


The champion missed weight and the hearts of fight fans everywhere broke for a moment.



But then all of a sudden, he returned two minutes later. ON WEIGHT!!!

1.2lbs in literally seconds somehow flew off Cormier's body. We really don't want to know how!


By some biological wonder or issue with "leaning on the towel" or absolute shenanigans, 'DC' managed to make championship weight.

But he still needed an opponent as the seconds ticked towards the deadline. We're literally talking seconds here.

The curtain quivered and through walked 'Rumble', soaking in every ounce of the drama.

He undressed.

Stepped forward.


We have a fight, ladies and gentlemen!

Never a dull moment, folks.