Apparently Conor McGregor and Khabib Nurmagomedov had a heated exchange backstage at New York weigh-ins 5 years ago

Apparently Conor McGregor and Khabib Nurmagomedov had a heated exchange backstage at New York weigh-ins

Seemingly, Tyron Woodley wasn't the only fighter Conor McGregor clashed with the day before UFC 205.

The UFC welterweight champion had a tense moment with the Notorious at the early weigh-ins for the promotion's New York City debut earlier this month.


A video of the pair giving each other the classic ten thousand yard stare backstage started doing the rounds on social media which Woodley later explained wasn't as heated as it looked.

The incident occurred when Woodley was going to grab some water after tipping the scales. With McGregor standing in his way, he walked around him and said, 'What's up, man?' McGregor may have taken this the wrong way as he stared him down and repeated the phrase back to him. Noticing the atmosphere change, Woodley fired back with a mean mug of his own and the two exchanged what's ups once more before the moment ended.


Apparently that wasn't the only fighter McGregor clashed with the day of the weigh-ins. According to Ali Abdel-Aziz, McGregor clashed with his client Khabib Nurmagomedov a few hours later at the official 'just for show' weigh-ins. Khabib's manager explained what went down on Monday's MMA Hour.

"We were walking at the official (UFC 205) weigh-in - it was me, Khabib, Conor and his team. Conor was beefing with Woodley and after that we walked by and Conor starts saying, 'What! What!' and Khabib ran straight to him and said, 'I'll smash your face, you chicken.' I'll be honest with you, that's the truth."

"Conor really go crazy and started throwing chairs and stuff  like that, he did not do that. I told Khabib, 'Hey man, let's leave this guy alone. At the end of the day, Conor knows what's coming, the UFC knows what's coming, Ireland knows what's coming, it's a matter of time before he kills McGregor."

As the number-one contender at 155 lb, The Eagle is campaigning hard for his Red Panty Night. However, with McGregor expecting to take a break from the sport with his girlfriend expecting their first child, he may have to wait a while.

In an effort to entice McGregor back to the cage, the undefeated Dagestani apparently sent the Notorious a Twitter DM which the dual champion has yet to respond to. Abdel-Aziz claims that his fighter sent him a screenshot of the message and he couldn't help but crack up as he recounted it.


"He sent him a direct message on Twitter yesterday and he sent me a copy of it. It was very, very funny. He said he's a champion now, but he 'needs to die like a Samurai. Irish people have fought for a long time. You live and die like men. Let me kill you, don't die like a coward.' (laughs) It was very funny."

"They follow each other on Twitter, I did not know that. Conor is not going to respond. Khabib told me, 'I talked to Dana White and he said, 'He's pregnant. He's going to take nine months off.' (laughs)"