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04th Jun 2018

Ryan McMenamin’s false teeth clearly aren’t fit to handle his coaching style

When in doubt, take them out

Ben Kiely

Ryan McMenamin

Communication is crucial in the coaching game, as Ryan McMenamin will attest.

Rory Gallagher and Ryan McMenamin have been earning serious praise for their work with Fermanagh this year. The duo have led the county to their first Ulster final in a decade with a shock victory over Monaghan at the weekend.

That Fermanagh performance has been described as disciplined and consistent, a trait that can be attributed to the all the hard work done on the training ground. The underdogs had a gameplan and they stuck to it. They remained composed and got aggressive when the situation required it. They managed to frustrate the hell out of the Oriel County.

Eoin Donnelly’s late goal earned them a memorable 1-8 to 0-10 win. Winning by that kind of margin is indicative of the vaunted discipline of the team. That kind of control is indicative of a system that has solid communication at its core.

The communication almost broke down on the Fermanagh sideline on Sunday. However, McMenamin was quick to spot the problem and fix it.

Cameras picked up a humorous moment involving the former All-Star and his false teeth. During a particular tense passage of the game, McMenamin tried to shout instructions to his players. However, those pesky chompers were proving problematic, so they had to come out.

When in doubt, take them out.

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