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28th Jan 2024

“It’s not a foregone conclusion” – Vinny Corey gives brilliant tongue-in-cheek update on Rory Beggan situation

Niall McIntyre

Vinny Corey has said with a smile that he hopes his goalkeeper Rory Beggan ‘comes to his senses’ soon after his NFL trials.

Along with Wicklow and Down goalkeepers Mark Jackson and Charlie Smyth, Beggan is among a number of individuals who will try out as kickers and punters as part of the NFL’s new international player pathway beginning next month.

The trials will take place this spring meaning that Beggan will miss Monaghan’s Allianz National Football League campaign but Monaghan manager Corey is hopeful that Beggan will return.

Speaking on TG4 after Monaghan recorded a 3-9 to 1-14 win over Dublin in the first round of the League, Corey said that the Scotstown keeper has earned his opportunity and is determined to ‘explore it.’ That being said, he’s aware of the passion Beggan has for both his club and for Monaghan and that’s why he says it’s no ‘foregone conclusion’ that they will be without him.

“We have three keepers on the panel, and they’re all working equally hard,” said Corey.

Rory Beggan

“Rory is a great man to have around for those lads. He’s been given an opportunity and he’s good enough to get the opportunity and he wants to explore it, but we’re hoping he doesn’t go,” said Corey with a smile.

“Listen, he’s his own man. They’re all over 18, they can make their own decisions in life.

“But I’d always encourage, I wouldn’t just jump into it…What we do is valuable as well and he loves his club Scotstown, and he loves playing for Monaghan as well so it’s not a foregone conclusion, he’s going to go and explore it but as I said, hopefully he’ll come to his senses at the end of it.”

Saturday night’s game marked the first time in 123 matches that Monaghan lined out with Beggan in goals but his replacement Darren McDonnell slotted in seamlessly.

“Darren’s a very good keeper,” Corey told TG4, “and he probably hasn’t got the exposure because Rory is so good.

“The last number of years, ten years, we haven’t really been blooding another keeper because Rory is so good. Today would have been 124 matches in a row that he would have played.”

“It’s a great opportunity for us to blood a new keeper,” continued Corey.

“Darren was with us last year and he is a very solid keeper, you saw that yourselves tonight.

“So he’s going to get the opportunity now and for us down the line, when Rory comes to his senses and stays, we’ll have two really good keepers, and one who got blooded throughout the League.”

Conor McManus hinted earlier this week that this may be his last season with Monaghan and Corey hailed him and his fellow veterans of the scene, Karl O’Connell and Darren Hughes.

“There’s probably more sand at the bottom of that clock than at the top alright but I’d be reluctant to rule any of those men out.

“Karl O’Connell coming on there today. Darren Hughes, Karl O’Connell, McManus, they’re exceptional men and I’m not going to say if it’s their last year or not.

“Them boys love playing for Monaghan. He’s training hard, he was training there this morning and we’ll see him in the not too distant future.”

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