Keady children make plea to GAA fans to help get father Tony's book to number one 7 months ago

Keady children make plea to GAA fans to help get father Tony's book to number one

The daughter of Galway All-Ireland winner Tony Keady has made a plea to the GAA community to help get her father's book 'One Hundred and Ten Per Cent Legend' to the number one spot in the country.

Keady passed away last August after suffering a major heart attack at his family home before passing away a day later while he was surrounded by his family and friends at University College Hospital.

Before his death, Keady had began writing his autobiography 'One Hundred and Ten Per Cent Legend' with former Meath footballer and journalist Liam Hayes.

The book is currently available to buy in stores and Keady's teenage daughter Shannon has made a plea to the GAA community to see if they can help propel her father's autobiography to be the best selling book in the country.

"Dear Hugh [Roscommon PRO Hugh Lynn],

"My name is Shannon Keady, and I am writing to ask you a big favour.

"My Dad is Tony Keady, and he passed away suddenly at the end of last summer. But myself and my Mam, and my three brothers, have published a book telling his story. It is written by Liam Hayes, the former Meath footballer and journalist.

"The book is called ‘One Hundred and Ten Per Cent Legend’ because my Dad would always tell us to give 110% any time myself and my three brothers were playing camogie or hurling, or if we were doing our exams in school.

"My Dad’s book was published last month and it is now in bookshops all over the country. We are so proud of it. It means the world to us. My Mam and I were on the Late Late Show a few weeks ago talking about it and she said that the book kept us all going through our first winter without my Dad. That is true. It did.

"Now as a family, we want to give 110% for my Dad’s book. He would have wanted it to be the No.1 book in the country, and we want to make it the No.1 book in the country.

"At the moment it is No.1 in Galway, and in the Top 20 in Ireland. Can you help me and my brothers make it No.1?
I am asking everyone in the GAA for their help.

"My favour is this. Can you please email this letter to all the clubs in your county, and ask them to buy the book? Father’s Day is on June 17, and we think it would be a great present for every father in the GAA.

"It would be the best thing ever if ‘One Hundred and Ten Per Cent Legend’ was No.1 before my Dad’s first anniversary in August.

"Thank you for reading this and I hope you can help.

"Yours Sincerely,
Shannon Keady."

Last year Keady's former teammates started a fund to support his family after the All-Star hurler’s tragic and untimely death.

A spokesman for the group said:

“Tony's colleagues from the 1987/88 panels have set up this fundraising page for Tony's young Family for their education and livelihood so that his family is give every chance in life as their dad Tony would have wanted for them.”