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27th Jun 2017

The most mouthwatering GAA goalkeeper jersey can be found in England

Who wouldn't want to be a 'keeper on this team?

Conan Doherty

Manchester does a lot of things well.

Music, soccer teams, poets and people. They do a lovely GAA jersey too though.

St. Lawrence’s club is home to a new innovation to the GAA jersey world, with Gaelic Armour’s first venture into the kit-making field.

And, Christ, they’ve done a fine job.

It seems that, these days, the finest pieces of knitwear are to be found outside of Ireland:

But St. Lawrence’s of Manchester is right up there with them all and the goalkeeper rig is perfection.

Formed way back in 1980, the club caters for men and women as well as children right down to under-8 level in the county of Lancashire.

St. Lawrence’s is also one of the driving forces for developing third-level football in Britain with their close ties with universities.

More important than that though, they have a gorgeous away jersey.

A lot of ex-pats around the world find themselves playing on teams more than being involved in a club and that’s alright too. It’s just a football release they get though, it’s not the sense of community that they’re missing from back home in Ireland.

One look at the vibrant St. Lawrence’s website though and you know it’s different in Manchester. You know the exiled Irish men and women are being well looked after but you can see too that there’s a whole new breed of second generation English natives now coming through, growing up comfortable with an O’Neill’s ball.

And who wouldn’t want to be a goalkeeper on this team? They’ll never have to worry about kids volunteering again. Not with this jersey anyway.

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