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29th May 2017

The new Viking Gaels jersey is so good you’ll want to relocate to the world’s biggest parish

What an absolute beauty

Conan Doherty

The vikings gave the Irish a lot of things.

Cities. Money. Red hair. Our names.

Now, they’ve given us one of the most tasty GAA jerseys around.

Masita have gone and done it again. They outdid themselves with their creations for three different Kansas City jerseys.

But, now, they’ve outdone their outdoing.

Introducing the brand new Viking Gaels jersey courtesy of Masita.

The Viking Gaels are a hurling club with a pretty sizable catchment area. Their parish consists of five different primary schools – or countries, as they’re more commonly known: Noway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Estonia.

Some day for the parish, the release of this new jersey is.

Just look at those colour blends and fearless patterns.

And, if you’re not one for sponsors, you can get the kit without it.

To top it all off, anybody who’s anybody will know that shorts are never something to be sniffed at. Well, the Viking Gaels shorts are just gorgeous to complete the set.

What the hell are you waiting for? Get over to the Masita store now.

One life, one parish, five countries.

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