Only five Mayo men make a combined 15 with Dublin 9 months ago

Only five Mayo men make a combined 15 with Dublin

Listen, some big calls had to be made.

We're sorry, okay? We're sorry. Get over it.

We're talking about the two best teams in the country here. What were you expecting? It was going to come down to some of the finest players in the land being left out. There was no other way.

David Clarke doesn't even get a sniff of this team, that's how good it is.

Keith Higgins doesn't get anywhere near it.

Colm bloody Boyle is left out and James McCarthy isn't even there.

It's crazy stuff altogether but here's the best of both counties fused together to make one set of 15 players on a frightening outfit.

Stephen Cluxton: Next.


Brendan Harrison: Proven he can scalp the best of them on his day and is right up there with the like of Cooper and Philly McMahon.

Jonny Cooper: Has made the move from one of the tightest man markers into the number 3 jersey and now he's playing wherever the hell he's required to and excelling.

Philly McMahon: No job too big. No player too big or small.

Lee Keegan: Obviously.

Cian O'Sullivan: Crazy to think Colm Boyle isn't there but, in O'Sullivan, you've the perfect blend of athleticism and brains.

Jack McCaffrey: Any of the Mayo or Dublin half backs could've made this team to be honest.

Brian Fenton: Definitely in the top two midfielders in the country. At least.

Aidan O'Shea: Moved into midfield because a) he's playing his best stuff around the middle and b) we were too chicken to drop anyone else.

Ciaran Kilkenny: Has a hand passing tendency but never tires, can take men on for fun when he wants to and rarely makes a mistake.

Diarmuid Connolly: Of course.

Con O'Callaghan: Perhaps still to prove himself in the white heat of a real championship battle but there hasn't been a youngster as exciting to break into a team in such a long time.

Cillian O'Connor: Can drift, can pass, can score.

Dean Rock: He'll be hitting frees ahead of Cillian O'Connor. That says it all.

Andy Moran: Timeless.

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