Everything David Clifford does is class; even his post match interviews are bloody brilliant 3 years ago

Everything David Clifford does is class; even his post match interviews are bloody brilliant

What an absolute baller…

Are there enough superlatives to describe David Clifford? Not since Colm Cooper came through the ranks has there been as much hype surrounding one young lad.

Clifford absolutely ran the show in this year’s Munster final and has been dominating underage for quite some time now whether it be in the Hogan Cup or elsewhere.

The Fossa man bossed again, just the 1-10 for him yesterday as Kerry ran out winners against Cavan 2-22 to 2-10 to reach yet another minor All-Ireland final, their fourth in row.

Well, the 18-year-old won man of the match and proved that he’s just about good at everything including post-match interviews.

Speaking to TG4 after the match Clifford said all the right things.

“It’s some feeling, I mean after being here last year it’s better. It’s hard to believe it but I remember saying it last year now that I hope the seniors can get there as well because it would really add to the build up but today we were absolutely delighted with that performance, it was massive. We knew we were going to get a tough test off Cavan but we knew we’d be able to stand up to it too so we’re delighted with it,” Clifford said.

And when asked about Kerry possibly going for a record-breaking fourth minor title in a row he didn’t miss a beat.

“It’d be massive, just for this group of players, in particular, it’s going to be two in a row at most and maybe this is the first one for some fellas so that’s the only way we’re thinking so the four in a row would obviously be massive for the people of Kerry but just this team it’s about winning our first one for most of us and maybe our second one,” Clifford told the broadcaster.

There’s even that little bit of character about him that is sure to make Clifford so likeable in years to come.

He was asked why the production line in Kerry is so good and answered with a wry smile and a laugh:

“I wish I could tell you, that’s a secret.”