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24th Jul 2023

Davy Fitzgerald on what would happen if Kilkenny’s four-in-a-row team played Limerick

Lee Costello

Davy Fitzgerald

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“They are two completely different styles.”

Davy Fitzgerald breaks down what would happen if Kilkenny’s four-in-a-row team from the noughties played this current Limerick side.

John Kiely’s Limerick made history by equaling Kilkenny and Cork’s record of winning four All-Irelands in a row, and have the opportunity next season to go one better.

Waterford manager and hurling legend Davy Fitzgerald was in the studio for the latest episode of the GAA Hour and he was asked who would win between the two sides.

“I do believe that they are the best team I have ever seen playing – them and Kilkenny in the 2000s, them two teams stick out in my head as being the most consistent, as teams that dominated their era.

“Limerick and Kilkenny, if they were to play at their best, those two teams in those generations, so the mid-zeros to the Limerick teams now – I would love to see that game, it would be some game.

“They are two completely different styles. Kilkenny would have been very much direct, although they play very similar where they get loads of bodies back in midfield.

“That’s what both teams do, but I think Limerick probably work the ball a lot shorter, they’ll either shoot from midfield, or get it deep inside. Limerick will rarely put ball back down the half back line, they will bypass that no matter what the story is.

“It would be a great game but, probably Limerick would just edge it.”

Davy Fitzgerald

There will be a few from that Kilkenny team who wouldn’t probably disagree with Fitzgerald on this one, but it’s impossible to call.

Tune into the GAA Hour and listen to Davy’s interview in full as he joined the two lads in studio to break down the All-Ireland final and chat about his career to date.

Watch our All-Ireland hurling final review show with Davy Fitzgerald right here


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