Armagh and Tyrone fans applaud the memory of Michaela McAreavey on 27th minute 5 months ago

Armagh and Tyrone fans applaud the memory of Michaela McAreavey on 27th minute

It was a beautiful and heartfelt moment.

In a heated and fiery affair between two age-old rivals, the Athletic Grounds changed from a cauldron of tension and nerves, into a united stance of love and respect.


Earlier this week a vile video circulated around social media, in which a group of loyalists in an unidentified room filled with union jacks and Orange Order memorabilia chanted a horrific song about the tragedy that fell on the Harte family 11 years ago.

Mickey Harte's daughter Michaela was tragically killed on her honeymoon in 2011, and the case has been an ongoing torture for the family, with no culprit yet known or convicted.

The clip, which was posted on Facebook Live, was met with united disgust and wonderment at how anyone can behave in such an abhorrent manner.


Michaela McAreavey was only 27 years old when her was life was taken, and in a magical moment which typifies everything that is beautiful about the GAA - and indeed humanity - the Athletic Grounds paid homage to one of their own.

On the 27th minute of the match, Armagh and Tyrone fans put all of their bias and tribal loyalties to one side, and stood together to applaud the memory of Mrs McAreavey and show their respect for the Harte and McAreavey families.


Before throw in they showed the same class with a minute's applause also, but this one was orchestrated purely by the fans and was a powerful thing to witness.

Teams win, lose and draw, but the solidarity that the GAA community show for one another is entrenched in its very DNA, and is something that every Gael should be proud of.