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04th Aug 2016

VIDEO: Hope Solo taunted with “Zika” chants after lighthearted tweets don’t go down well

"If they had fun at my expense, more power to them"

Darragh Murphy

Hope Solo couldn’t kick a ball on Wednesday without “Zika” being roared from the stands.

The US goalkeeper was reminded that a tweet she sent a fortnight ago had not been forgotten by the Brazilian public, who taunted her repeatedly as the US women’s football team got their Olympics underway.

The US started their campaign with a 2-0 victory over New Zealand in Belo Horizonte but Solo was not exactly welcomed with open arms by the 10,000 strong in attendance.

The veteran stopper had sent the above lighthearted tweets about the Zika virus in the run-up to Rio 2016 and they were received angrily by Brazilian fans.

Despite apologising for the posts after arriving in Brazil, supporters weren’t willing to forgive her quite yet as they responded with roars of “Zika” every time Solo took a kick-out.

“I’m glad the fans had fun, and if they had fun at my expense, more power to them,” Solo said after the game.

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