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25th Jan 2015

Twitter slaughters Robbie Savage for his extremely excitable commentary

Probably best to stay off social media tonight, Robbie

Robert Redmond

Robbie Savage must have had a few cups of coffee (or a few buckets of Red Bull) before he took the gantry today.

We’d previously noticed that Savage sometimes sounds like a pirate when commentating, but today the BT co-commentator, who was covering the FA Cup tie between Brighton & Hove Albion against Arsenal, was more excitable than a kid on Christmas Eve.

The former midfielder also offered his expert insight throughout. ‘That’s why they’re playing in the Championship’ Savage said after Brighton conceded a third goal, and was also on hand to reveal that Walcott will be happy after scoring. The former Strictly Come Dancing star also managed to stretch four syllable words into seven syllable words.

But Twitter did not approve, at all.

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