"Embarrassing. Horrendous" - Lewis Dunk slams referee after VAR shambles 1 month ago

"Embarrassing. Horrendous" - Lewis Dunk slams referee after VAR shambles

An absolute mess from start to finish.

Lewis Dunk will most definitely get sanctioned for his post-match comments, but he made some good points.

Brighton's trip to the Hawthorns provided controversy in bundles with the latest VAR shambles on a long list of VAR shambles this season.

Brighton went a goal down, missed a penalty and then had a free kick goal chalked off in baffling circumstances in an eventful first half against West Bromwich Albion.

Focusing on the free kick, the away side had won a set piece about 20 yards out. Brighton captain Lewis Dunk stood over the ball. Referee Lee Mason blew his whistle. Baggies keeper Sam Johnstone wasn't ready. Dunk took the free kick quickly, curling the ball into a gaping net.

Mason then quickly signalled the goal didn't stand, to the bemusement of the players, who pointed out that he had blown his whistle.

After a long VAR check - still not sure what they were checking, possibly whether Mason's second whistle came before or after the ball went in - it was decided that the goal would not stand.

Dunk was then made to retake the free kick, which Johnstone saved comfortably.

So that's what happened in chronological order. Watch the video below and see if you can make sense of it.


Brighton went on to lose the game 1-0. Following the game, Dunk let rip to Sky Sports:

"It’s embarrassing. It’s a horrendous decision. I said to the ref, 'Can I take it?’

"He blew his whistle and I took it. Just because he got so much pressure from the bench and the players he’s disallowed the goal.

"VAR doesn’t know what he’s said. It’s a horrendous decision. Why doesn’t he come and speak to the press like me? Why doesn’t he come and say his point? They hide behind their bubble."