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12th Jun 2015

Jack Warner hits back at ‘comedy fool’ John Oliver in unintentionally hilarious video

Hope this runs and runs

Patrick McCarry

Where to start? Jack Warner, described as a modern day Robin Hood [for coming across FIFA bribery money and spreading it among his Trinidad and Tobago countrymen] by his own newspaper, is not happy with comedian John Oliver.

The English host of US television show Last Week Tonight has torn into the former FIFA vice president in recent weeks, following news of a $10m payment to Warner ahead of the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.

Warner is not happy at being lampooned by Oliver, who he describes as a ‘comedy fool’, in this unfortunately hilarious video.

‘We are not going to have an outsider come over here, to embarrass us,’ declared Warner as part of his address to the nation last night.

Warner, a hero in his own parish.

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