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18th Oct 2022

Eddie Howe insists there is a ceiling for Newcastle after Jürgen Klopp comments

Simon Lloyd

Turns out Jurgen had it wrong all along

Eddie Howe has insisted there is a ceiling for Saudi-backed Newcastle United, despite recent comments made by Jürgen Klopp.

In the build-up to his Liverpool side’s Premier League meeting with Abu Dhabi-owned Manchester City on Sunday, Klopp said it was “impossible” for other clubs to compete with the vast financial resources of state-owned teams.

Newcastle, along with City and Qatar-backed Paris Saint-Germain, were one of the three clubs Klopp made reference to, specifically pointing to sporting director Dan Ashworth’s comments about how there was “no ceiling” for the club’s ambition.

“What does Liverpool do?” Klopp asked at his press conference, last week. “We cannot act like them. It is not possible. Not possible.

“It is just clear and again you know the answer. There are three clubs in world football who can do what they want financially. It’s legal and everything, fine, but they can do what they want.”

howe klopp ceiling

“It’s probably been used in the wrong way” – Eddie Howe

Asked about Klopp’s comments before Newcastle’s game against Everton on Wednesday, Eddie Howe said:

“It’s a difficult one because it’s probably been used in the wrong way. What Dan meant with his comment was there’s no ceiling to our ambition long term.

“We have huge plans and want to go to places with huge ambitions, but the reality of what we are working towards and working with, there is a ceiling because of all the things I have sat here and explained every week – Financial Fair Play, we’re still in a training ground that’s being renovated.

“We’re not living that life that is being discussed. We are living a very different reality. Our wage bill is very controlled. We’re trying to do things in a very stable and controlled way.”

“Although we have spent money on players,” Howe added, “it has not been extravagant or out of sync with the rest of the Premier League. Everyone has to be careful with their comments and opinions.”

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