Antoine Griezmann must be going to Barcelona because he couldn't be this heartless 2 years ago

Antoine Griezmann must be going to Barcelona because he couldn't be this heartless

Antoine Griezmann is either off to Barcelona or he is a complete idiot.

This is getting a bit silly now, isn't it? For months, there has been speculation on where Antoine Griezmann will play his football next season: at Atlético Madrid, Barcelona, Manchester United or elsewhere?

The Frenchman tried to suppress the tears as he was jeered by his own fans during Atléti's final home game of their inaugural season at the Wanda Metropolitano, but the fans changed their tune after Diego Godín had a word with some of the leading ultras, leading many fans to hope that was an indication that Griezmann would stay put.

However, the fans will not have appreciated his recent antics, as he promised to make a decision before the World Cup, announced that he had made a decision, but would not reveal what is was.

He added fuel to the fire last night when El Partidazo de COPE released a short video in which Griezmann speaks about his future.

The video itself looks like a trailer for a new series of MTV Cribs. You get the sense he's rather enjoying the attention. In the video, Griezmann explains:

"You'll all be fed up of all the comments they're making, about whether I'm going or staying, how much they give me and how much they don't. But the truth is, what I'm going to say now..."

And at that point, the video ends. It has since been deleted by COPE after a fierce backlash but no end of publicity.

If you were an Atletico Madrid fan, you would be mightily pissed off that your star player is putting out teaser videos about whether or not he will bother sticking around for next season. If Griezmann is leaving, he should give the team that put him on the map the respect they and, more importantly, their fans deserve.

Once this 'World Cup' is out the way, he will hopefully reveal the genuine truth about where he will be playing during the 2018/19 season.