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06th Jul 2017

This slug-like cricket celebration is not like anything we’ve seen before

Something a little different.

Darragh Berry

Cricket, and sport, needs more celebrations like this.

Much like Alan Shearer’s famous (and boring), right hand up to the sky celebration, cricketers don’t really shake it up when it comes to celebrating wickets.

Until now.

Kent’s Matt Coles had his team-mates on the ground in hysterics with his unique celebration after taking a wicket during a test with Northamptonshire.

Coles performed what looks to be a slug impersonation but if you want to call it a caterpillar we won’t argue with you either. The celebration came after Coles dismissed Steven Crook for 12 near the end of the third day’s play at Beckenham.

Wicket-keeper Sam Billings, who posted the video on Twitter, can be seen in the background collapsing in laughter once he catches the first sight of Coles falling to the floor to perform the slug.


Coles tweeted Steven Crook after the celebration went viral on Twitter and told the Northamptonshire player “so lad… looks like the #slug is going a little worldwide.”

The Division Two clash between Kent and Northamptonshire will come to an end on Thursday and looks set to be a draw.