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16th Jul 2017

This cricket fan’s ability to hold on to his pint is the best we’ve seen

Someone get that man a pint

Paul Moore

This is fantastic.

Do you happen to have a friend that keeps getting shaky hands whenever they go to the bar? Then again, maybe you have a tendency to spill a few drops whenever you’re handling a beverage.

Sure, if you told us that someone keeps knocking into you or that the floor is uneven, we’ll believe you (Cough, cough).

Well, if you want to see a drinker that has quick reactions, strong nerves and the steady hand of a surgeon, you should see this great take in the recent T20 cricket game between Glamorgan and Somerset.

Take a look as a fan catches a six with one hand – while holding his drink in his mouth.

This effort from Colin Ingram really needed some catching, we just didn’t think that it would be done so nonchalantly.

Needless to say, he deserves a drink.

Take a look.

After seeing this footage, we were instantly reminded of this.

Clip via – 3voor12