WATCH: British MMA star delivers knockout on his boxing debut 4 years ago

WATCH: British MMA star delivers knockout on his boxing debut

It was just a bit strange.

Michael Page will have been involved in much more strenuous sparring sessions than his boxing debut which took place on Friday night.


The British mixed martial arts phenom was recently signed up by David Haye to compete in his boxing promotion and his first outing simply could not have been more routine.

'Venom' was matched up with 33-year-old Spaniard Jonathan Castano and it was a contest which was set up to make Page look incredible but it has left a sour taste in many fans' mouths.


One look at Castano's previous record of 2-11-1 tells you everything you need to know about what he brought to the table but, to be fair, Page can only fight what's in front of him.

The Bellator star is renowned for his flashy striking in the cage and he did carry his unusual angles and movement to the ring on Friday night, when Haye put on his first show as a promoter.

To be frank, Castano never looked like he belonged in there and he proved no more than a necessary hurdle over which Page had to leap to get his boxing career off to the perfect start.


Several eyebrows have been raised about the third round stoppage, however, as it seemed more than a little premature on the referee's behalf.

Sure, Page landed with a solid right hand but Castano got back to his feet and looked lucid enough to continue but the official had seen enough and bizarrely waved it off.

Haye will continue to back Page to the hilt, understandably, but many viewers were none too pleased with what they'd witnessed.


“He’s an absolute weapon and I’ve never seen anything like it" Haye said of Page when he signed in the summer. "I would say he is capable of going well beyond the British title.


“I believe, 100 per cent, that he can win a legitimate world title.

“He needs time like anyone but you’ll see in the first few fights what he’s capable of.

“He doesn’t want to hang around for too long - he wants big names now and I’d say within three to four years, he has the capabilities of winning world titles.”