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14th May 2016

Tyson Fury launches disgusting attack on Irish boxing hero Barry McGuigan

Talking absolute shite

Kevin McGillicuddy

Fury brings the rage.

Tyson Fury doesn’t care who he insults and what the fallout is.

The world heavyweight champion has taken pot shots at various ethnic and racial groups as well as also telling the world his views on homosexuality numerous times.

And now it seems the boxer, who claims strong Irish heritage, has Barry McGuigan in his sights.

The Monaghan boxer is now a well-known promoter and is involved with several high-profile fighters such as Carl Frampton and Shane McGuigan.

The former world champion has publicly admitted that he is no fan of Fury, and after the heavyweight was alleged to have once again expressed fairly off the wall views this week, the Monaghan boxer wrote in his Mirror column of his disdain for the fighter.

“I think somebody up there likes me. I tried to sign Tyson Fury and failed. Lucky me.

“Like a child, he has no filter, no off button. Kids have parents bringing them into line. No-one says no to Fury.

“This is brazen attention-seeking, self-evidently offensive, insulting, abusive and wrong.

“If one of my fighters behaved like Fury he would be out the door. Fury just doesn’t get it. He is not only damaging his own reputation but boxing’s too.”

The piece was bound to provoke a reaction, and Fury took to Twitter to lambaste the Irish hero in fairly strong terms.

We’re not going to get into a row with Fury, but we think he is way off his game if he thinks the way to win Irish friends is to insult one of this country’s most famous sons.

The reaction to the attack was not good.

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