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22nd Feb 2023

Tommy Fury breaks silence on claims he broke sparring partner’s jaw

Callum Boyle

Paul Fury

‘He’s been destroying his sparring partners’

Tommy Fury has broken his silence on the claims that he broke one of his sparring partners’ jaw during his pre-fight training camp.

Fury is said to have sent several opponents to hospital, broken one boxer’s jaw and knocked out heavyweights ahead of his bout with Jake Paul on Sunday.

The half-brother of world heavyweight champion, Tyson, has also reportedly completed 100 rounds of sparring as he prepares to fight YouTuber-turned boxer, Jake, in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The fight has been a long-time coming with two cancelled bouts and months of back and fourth.

Tommy’s father John told Sportsmail that the 23-year-old had sent one sparing partners to hospital with a hairline fracture in his jaw and had KO’d several others. He’s faced heavyweights, cruiserweights and light-heavyweights in preparation for his bout with Jake.

John said: “We’ve had excellent sparring. People have hit him back too if you know what I am saying.”

He said his son’s sparring partners were all “good, class, young, hungry men” but Tommy had been “handling them very well.”

“There have been a few visits to the hospital for the sparring partners but that’s boxing. He’s been doing them some damage,” he added.

“We’ve had a hairline fracture in the jaw and we’ve had a few knockdowns. We’ve had a few cold knockouts from Tommy.

“He’s been destroying his sparring partners.”

However ahead of Sunday’s showdown in Saudi Arabia, Fury refused to confirm if it was entirely true, but hinted that he may well have inflicted some serious damage on one of his partners.

Speaking to JOE, he said: “Listen I’m not one to brag about sparring and you know, it is what it is in sparring but all I can say is I’ve been doing very well and that’s all I can say right now.”

Fury also appeared to be in a confident mood heading into the fight and believes that the bout with Paul will be “an easy fight”.

“I’m not feeling any pressure at all because when you grow up with an older sibling who’s achieved as much as Tyson’s achieved and you’re trying to follow in the same sport, there’s always been pressure on my name,” he continued.

“It’s just another fight you know, it’s nothing different to what I do in the gym. Just a few more people, a few more lights and that’s it.

“I know for a fact I’m a better fighter than him and in just a few days time when he’s standing across from me in the ring, his mouth won’t save him then.”

John said Tommy has been taking the fight against Jake very seriously, as a loss would “end his career” and cause unwanted issues within the family.

He said “everything has gone to plan” during the training camp: “It’s gone tremendously well. I am more than happy. He’s put plenty of work in and he’s done the grinding.”

Jake is six wins from six fights. His last win was in October 2022 against Anderson Silva.

Tommy is eight from eight and last beat Daniel Bocianski on points on the undercard of Tyson’s heavyweight title defence against Dillian Whyte in April.

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